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Kistner Consulting Group


We create innovative Modern UI UX software and technology solutions

Kistner Consulting Group specializes in the use of the latest Microsoft Windows 8 XAML, C#, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC technologies and many JavaScript libraries, WPF/Silverlight/XAML, Windows Azure Cloud Services, and software development best practices to provide creative effective UX centric solutions to complex business functionality.

We think outside the box and tailor a custom technology and software solution that focuses on and enhances your business purpose.                     
We are solution providers and software designers.
We look at things from a focused business perspective,
not just from a technology or technical viewpoint.




We specialize in designing and building cutting edge UI/UX user interfaces/user experiences and LOB business software applications using Windows 8 XAML & C#, HTML5 & JavaScript, ASP.NET MVCSilverlight/WPF/XAML, Windows Azure Cloud Services, WCF Services, Sharepoint

We have been designing SOA WCF Business Service Layers to support Client consuming applications since 2003. 

♦ Leading innovators and technology visionaries in creating custom UX LOB software solutions that have well designed architecture, designed to best practices standards, on accelerated timelines, and priced reasonably. 

♦ Providing software application solutions for businesses from startups to Fortune 100 in many industries.

♦ Highest quality level of technology and software consulting services for any level of business.

Kistner Consulting Group, Inc.
Based in Atlanta, Georgia


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