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Kistner Consulting Group


We create innovative Modern UI UX software and technology solutions

Kistner Consulting Group specializes in the use of the latest Microsoft Windows, mobile apps, C, C#, HTML5, ASP.NET MVC technologies and many JavaScript libraries, WPF XAML, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, and software development best practices to provide creative effective UX centric solutions to complex business functionality.

We think outside the box and tailor a custom technology and software solution that focuses on and enhances your business purpose.                     
We are solution providers and software designers.
We look at things from a focused business perspective,
not just from a technology or technical viewpoint.




We specialize in designing and building cutting edge UI/UX user interfaces/user experiences and LOB business software applications using Windows & C#, HTML5 & JavaScript (AngularJS, NodeJS), ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVCWPF XAML, Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Sharepoint

We have been designing SOA Business Service Layers to support Client consuming applications since 2003. We specialize in advanced ASP.NET Core and MVC6
♦ Leading innovators and technology visionaries in creating custom UX LOB software solutions that have well designed architecture, designed to best practices standards, on accelerated timelines, and priced reasonably. 

♦ Providing software application solutions for businesses from startups to Fortune 100 in many industries.

♦ Highest quality level of technology and software consulting services for any level of business.

Kistner Consulting Group, Inc.
Based in Atlanta, Georgia


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